Drop-Off Laundry

 $2.00 per pound for normal soiled laundry     

$3.00 per pound for heavily soiled laundry 

Same day drop-off laundry service is available for most customers depending on the amount of laundry brought in. We will do our best to ensure your laundry is washed and dried in a timely manner. Please come into the office for additional details. 


Public Laundromat 

Open Daily from 9am-4pm 

Our laundromat is open to the tenants as well as the public. We have 6 washers, 6 small load dryers and 3 large load dryers. Each washer costs $3.50 per load, small dryers are 50¢ per 6 minutes and large dryers are $3.50 for 42 minutes.